The Year-Round Christmas Club

We’ve had a bit of drama around our house lately. Okay if I’m honest, it’s pretty much always a circus, but a few days ago the stomach virus hit some family members. 😳 If you know me well at all, you know I despise a stomach virus, even more than the coronavirus. (Yes, I know Covid is potentially more serious, but I truly think I’m going to pass away every time I throw up.)

I didn’t get sick yet, so far it has only hit my husband and my oldest son, but meanwhile I’m suited up complete with a mask and disinfecting everything!

So while I’m disinfecting, cleaning, and putting away Christmas decorations to get my mind off the stomach virus particles floating in the air, I thought about how I hate taking down the Christmas tree. It’s just so warm and inviting and the living room feels so stark and empty when it’s gone. Then I contemplated keeping it up all year.

I’ve never considered myself to be a year-round Christmas person. No offense to anyone who is a member of the year-round Christmas club, I’ve just never been one of those people.😂 In fact, every year the holiday season usually propels me to a level of stress that is unmatched the rest of the year. Yes-it is usually because I’ve gotten wrapped in the activities that have nothing to do with Jesus’ birthday🤦‍♀️-but the pressure is a reality nonetheless. 

Anyway, so I’m taking down the ornaments, the ribbons, the wreaths, and I kept thinking about the Christmas tree and still couldn’t push away the thought of leaving it up. I began to wonder about the origins of the Christmas tree and came across some neat historical info. One historical account stood out to me the most and I wanted to share it:

It is believed that the first known Christmas tree that was brought inside and decorated was during the 16th century by a man called Martin Luther. It was said that on his walk home, he saw the stars through the evergreen trees and went home to tell his children that it reminded of him of Jesus. He later wrote a sermon about the experience for his church, leading to the spread of people decorating the trees with candles as a symbol of letting Jesus into their homes. In modern terms, the meaning of a Christmas tree is that the Christmas tree represents Jesus and the light he brings to the world, for Christians. (excerpt from What Does the Christmas Tree Represent, Christmasphere)

After I read the above, I decided. I knew I had to leave the tree up. I need the visual reminder, you know? Not only as a reminder of Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s presence every day in my life, but as an admonition to be a light for Him. This world is full of a lot of darkness at times. However, each word and act of love and kindness-every time we are Jesus’ hands and feet to a hurting world- we are shining His light. 

So in the middle of the crazy, circus, stomach-virus-filled house, I became a year-round Christmas person! I guess the other members of this club realized something I didn’t for so long. Every day is a chance to shine the light of Christmas. I pray I always remember this nugget of truth, each day, of the coming New Year. Friends, I pray you remember always you are a light, too! Shine for Him, always.(P.S. I’ll post updates of my Christmas tree throughout the year.😊 Most of the decorating ideas will probably be from Pinterest.🥰)

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Your friend,


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