Some Random Observations

  1. The Keto diet really works…if you stay on it. 😂 (I’ve lost over 5 pounds in 3 days. 🙌🏻)
  2. Don’t give your autistic child Abilify. It is a horrible, horrible medicine. It caused awful aggression which is what it was supposed to treat!
  3. If you step on the scale, and it looks like you’ve lost 8 pounds in one day, don’t get excited. More than likely the scale is broken. I’m not saying you broke it because you’re overweight or anything , but I’m not convinced that isn’t what happened with mine. 🤣😂😬 #losingweight #ketoworks

Stay tuned for more observations from a mom who is clearly on a roller coaster ride provided by autism. Have a blessed day!

Your friend,


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