Life is moving so fast it’s hard to keep up lately. I’m so thankful that we are over all the sickness at our house, but ready or not life is at full throttle now. With co-op/homeschool classes for the oldest child, homeschool for the middle one, and the youngest in public school, (not to mention 2 dogs, the husband’s busy work schedule, and basic day to day stuff) it can be a wild ride! 

Unfortunately, lately Landon (our child with autism), has had some setbacks. His aggression at school is ramping up despite taking a combination of five different medications. It has taken us literally years and suffering through multiple trial and error attempts to get the right combination of meds that help him the most. Unfortunately, his symptoms and behaviors are curbed only for a short time before he grows, his body becomes accustomed to the meds, and things have to be tweaked or changed completely. 

I really can’t adequately describe the helpless feeling I have when I get a note home about him hitting other students and teachers, having multiple crying spells, not staying dressed due to his sensory issues, etc. I don’t know what to do other than reach out to his doctor, make her aware of the situation and pray. At home he is not necessarily aggressive, but extremely hyperactive. To me, it seems the hyperactivity and sensory issues are what cause him to hit, etc., it isn’t necessarily anger. Those factors combined with the fact that he is primarily non-verbal contribute to his difficult behaviors….and boy are they seriously difficult!

I don’t remember what it feels like not to be bone tired. I wake up tired, push through the day tired, and go to bed exhausted. Despite all of this, I like to find the good in each day and consciously remind myself that God sees it all and is in control.

Friend, if you are struggling with an extremely hard situation, please know that you are not alone in your circumstances whatever they may be. Let this be your reminder that God sees you and is with you. He is reaching down to you and is aware of everything going on in your life. He has the hairs on your head numbered and promises to work all things for your good. The setbacks aren’t forever even if it feels that way. I truly believe God has a plan and purpose for everything in life. However, I know how hard it can be to find the positive parts of life when it feels like wave after wave of negatives come crashing in. So today, I chose to think about some positives instead of worrying about the not so good aspects. Here are a few pics of “good” from the last few days.  What are the positive snapshots from your life lately?


Your friend,


2 thoughts on “Setbacks

  1. Oh Tiffany, I truly do understand your frustrations and your helpless feelings. I love how you consciously look for the positives, and how you pray. Sometimes Aaron’s aggressive behaviors are from anger, yes, and then other times he says that he was just playing. His words can also be hurtful but again he says he was playing or teasing. Anyway, it’s embarrassing and so frustrating to us to see and hear Aaron act in ways that we did not teach him to act. There are so many levels to all of this. Our boys are very complex, so there are no easy answers…and some days no answers at all. I pray that you can rest somewhat in knowing that you are doing all you can do, and that as you said, God is fully aware of you and of Landon, and what you both need. Blessings to you!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. I know you are able to relate to and understand the circumstances. I have a “take one day at a time” approach with life and with Landon, but as you know each moment can be difficult at times. I’m so thankful the Lord truly knows, understands, and gives us strength for each moment, hour, and day.

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