Goldendoodle Greetings

I was feeling kinda brave today. By that I mean I took both my 10-week-old goldendoodle puppy and my 8-year-old autistic son for a walk….at the same time. Both wore the appropriate harness and were completely secured during our walk, but it was still an adventure nonetheless! Landon and Asher both got their leashes tangled around each other several times, but it was a fun adventure. 😊 (By the way, Landon wears a specially made autism harness when we walk because a couple of months ago he ran out in front of a car when we were walking. We thank the Lord he was not hurt.)

Today while we were walking, the joy that Asher (the puppy) has brought into our lives really struck me. On our walk for example, he ran up to each person we encountered with such happy enthusiasm, they couldn’t help but respond joyfully. It is honestly such a precious thing to witness…seeing Asher bring a smile to neighbor’s faces. His joy is truly contagious and he shares it with everyone…not just us, his family. 

We can all learn so much from Asher. To joyfully greet others, to be interested in them, to simply love them without expectation. I can truly say Goldendoodles are everything I thought they would be and then some! I’m so thankful for the blessing of Asher and all I am learning from him!

Your friend,


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