Right Where God Meant For You To Be

2022…wow. For me it was filled with extremes. There were some truly pain-filled moments…like super painful. Yet, there were some unbelievably amazing, “God, I can’t believe this is happening” experiences. All took place in 2022. I honestly would have been fine with 2022 being more smooth sailing, calm, and even boring, but God had other plans. So, no, I really would not want to repeat this year! 😂 However, I am humbled and amazed at how God allowed the pain to bring about some truly good things. 

Sometimes it takes being hurt and completely dependent on God to make new decisions and choices that open doors to some of the best things. 

Even if a painful situation happens to be caused by another’s poor choices and behavior, God will cause all things to work together for our good if we trust Him. 

I know how hard it can be to walk by faith.  Hopefully, 2022 taught me how to become a little better at that. 😊

The things that hurt this year:

-harsh words and actions of others

-realizing those who you thought were your friends, weren’t 

The things that healed this year:

  • my part-time job as a speech therapist in early intervention
  • learning that others actions are a reflection of who they are and that those actions have nothing to do with me as a person
  • Watching God, situations, medicine, and better choices truly change someone for the better, even when it seemed hopeless to me.

Whether you are hurting, healing, or hunky-dory, I pray you are able to sense God’s very real presence in your life in 2023. He is the only one who has truly been with you through it all- the good, the bad, and the in between. He’s led you right to where you are. Others may say they love you, but Jesus loves you much, much more. There is no end to the depth of His love and it won’t let you down. Jesus is a faithful friend who won’t fail you even when you have no idea how things will work out. Trust Him. Walk by faith even if it isn’t easy in 2023. God can and will work things out for good for you if you hang on, persevere, and keep pushing forward. You’ll be a stronger, better you as a result. May you always know that where you are is right where God meant for you to be at this time. 

Never forget you can and will do all things through Christ who strengthens you. 

I pray your cup overflows with blessings and Jesus’ love surrounds you today and every day of the new year. 

Your friend,


10 thoughts on “Right Where God Meant For You To Be

  1. You shared such words of hope for this new year. To each of us who follow Christ, He certainly does open doors to some of the best things as we deal with some of the hardest situations, like you said. Thank you, Tiffany, and may God richly bless you in this New Year!

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  2. Great reflective thoughts, Tiffany.❤️
    I love love love this reminder for myself that brought you healing this past year:

    ‘learning that others actions are a reflection of who they are and that those actions have nothing to do with me as a person’
    I need to tuck this into my memory because boy do I ever think a wrong look, a sassy comment (etc) from someone is directed right at me. I take offense at these things and it’s exhausting….that’s caused by unfavorable consequences of ptsd, ugh
    …But I love your honest reminder!!!

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    1. I’m so glad this was an encouragement to you. ❤️ I’m a sensitive type of person, so I totally get it. Growth is necessary and beneficial, but for me so is remembering to have patience and gentleness with myself in the process. Happy New Year to you and your family. 🎊😊

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  3. I love this and I just found it in my long emails lol. Your words have really great encouragement thru my difficult family situations . God has really used you in a mighty way.

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    1. I’m so glad this post was an encouragement to you, especially as you are facing difficult family situations. I pray God brings you through it all as He guides you with His peace and love.


  4. Hope you have a wonderful 2023 Tiffany. Thanks for these beautiful words. I do believe God leads us to where we need to be and the hardest times teach us wonderful things. Our ways are not God’s ways and our timing is not God’s timing – and that’s ok, that’s how it’s meant to be. God bless!


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