Happy Mother’s Day

To Mother

You painted no Madonnas,

On chapel walls in Rome,

But with a touch diviner,

You lived one in your home,

You wrote no lofty poems,

That critics counted art,

But with a nobler vision,

You lived them in your heart.

You carved no shapeless marble

To some high soul design,

But with a finer sculpture,

You shaped this soul of mine.

You built no great cathedrals,

That centuries applaud,

But with a grace exquisite,

Your life cathedraled God.

Had I the gift of Raphael,

Or Michelangelo,

Oh what a rare Madonna,

My mother’s life would show.

~William Pitt Fessenden

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. 💕Being a mom is one of the greatest, yet hardest, callings one can ever have. It is amazing to me, though, how God fills a mother’s heart with never ending love for her children despite difficulty, fatigue, or any other circumstance life brings. A mother’s love is unconditional and while she is not perfect, I believe it’s the closest thing to Jesus’ love on this earth. Thank you, Mamas, for all the sacrifices you make that no one ever sees. The love that you give your children will multiply in their lives like ripples in the water. Even if you can’t see it right away, know that your love brings beauty and kindness to this world that never goes away.  Blessings. 💕

Your friend,


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