A Heart That Truly Cares

A friend shared the following quote recently. I know people who are much more preoccupied with appearances and material things than what really matters-having a heart that truly cares about others and loving God. I read a quote the other day that said to teach your children two things and you’d taught them well: to love God with all of their heart and to have a heart of compassion for others. The things that actually matter are loving God, loving others, and sharing hope with all. The following quote by Jenn Kish (along the same lines) resonated with me too.

On the day your life is required of you, it won’t matter if you kept a clean house.

No one will ask what shade of grey your walls were painted.

There will be no chatter about the type of car you drove or how many bedrooms were in your home.

What will matter to people, is how you made them feel.

Did you make them feel loved? Less alone? Important?

Did you point them to Jesus?

On the day your life is required of you it won’t matter if you have five dollars or five million dollars.

What will matter to you, is what you did with Jesus.

~Jenn Kish

My prayer has always been that others feel loved and and significant when they are around me. Never “preached” to, judged by, or ignored. While no one is perfect, I hope others feel Jesus’ love from me. All the other stuff has never been or will ever be important.

Blessings, friends.

Your friend,


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