My January Tree (Part 2)

My goldendoodle and youngest son must have wanted me to redo my January tree. Both kept pulling off ornaments and the faux pearls nonstop. I finally removed the pearls and replaced with some mesh ribbon. It turned out okay, but I do wonder how long the decorations will last this time. 😂

I have totally enjoyed having the tree up despite my boys keeping me on my toes with the decorations. It rains so much where we live and the bright warmth from the tree is very uplifting. I love writing there, near the tree and just thinking while I stare at it. It’s almost like watching a fire- the way it’s mesmerizing and relaxing. I often find myself replaying memories and great conversations in my mind while I’m looking at it.

As strange as a year round tree might seem to some, I’m very glad that I left it up! I’ve already started gathering ideas for the Valentine Tree next month.

Hope your day is full of light and warmth! Blessings.

Your friend,


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