43 Nuggets Of Truth

Tomorrow is my birthday. 43 years. Seems like such a big number, although as a kid I thought 30 was old. 😂 Here are 43 nuggets of truth that came to mind today as I was thinking about what 43 years have taught me. What nuggets of truth have your years taught you? 

Your friend,


  1. Laugh.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Don’t worry about what others think.
  4. Trust my gut feeling.
  5. Get lost in the music.
  6. Worship-get lost in God.
  7. Play board games often with the kids.
  8. Read…a lot.
  9. Let go of perfection.
  10. Smile anyway.
  11. Cry sometimes too.
  12. Enjoy hugs.
  13. Understand that others are life long learners too.
  14. Forgive others, but don’t let them take advantage of my kindness.
  15. Always look for the good, but admit when it’s hard.
  16. Sing on long drives.
  17. Pray too.
  18. Accept those magical little moments in life as God blowing me a kiss, not write them off as just coincidences.
  19. Let the puppy lick my entire face.
  20. Let the dirty dishes pile up sometimes.
  21. Let the laundry pile up, too 😂
  22. Sleep in…if I’m able to.
  23. Snuggle in a soft bed filled with pillows under piles of blankets.
  24. Take regular walks and turn my face up towards the sky and sun.
  25. Appreciate who I am and how far I’ve come.
  26. Hold my kids a little tighter for a little longer.
  27. Encourage others when the opportunity arises.
  28. Keep being sincere.
  29. Read the Bible more.
  30. Don’t worry about what the mirror says about my age. 😂
  31. Pray that my heart shines in my eyes.
  32. Love people more, even the hard people.
  33. Go on more cruises.
  34. Visit the beach as often as possible and get in the water.
  35. Build the sandcastles.
  36. Destroy the sandcastles.
  37. Jump in the leaves.
  38. Take the picture.
  39. Let them take the picture of you.
  40. Give more.
  41. Ask for help.
  42. Have less expectations.
  43. Never stop believing even when it seems impossible.

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