My Covid Experience

So I have Covid. I’m past the worst part now. I wasn’t going to post, but am seeing where so many have Covid and just wanted to share some tips that really helped me get past the worst of it. (Let me mention I am not vaccinated, am 42, and have no underlying health conditions other than a gluten allergy.) 

On day 1- I had a scratchy throat

day 2- worse sore throat and itchy sinuses, sense of smell and taste starting to disappear 

day 3- bad sinus headache and sore throat and more congestion, some fatigue 

day 4-5 felt the worst- very painful sore throat, lots of congestion, headache, lots of fatigue, some trouble breathing

day 6- breathing better, some energy starting to return, have literally 0% sense of smell or taste. On day six I could tell that I turned the corner and just had a cough and lingering fatigue.

When I started feeling under the weather on day 1, I did the following (in addition to taking multivitamin/reg. supplements):

  1. Took one baby aspirin per day.
  2. Took a zinc 50 mg per day.
  3. Took an immune plus supplement per day.
  4. Took a Vitamin D3 supplement.
  5. Took extra Vitamin C daily
  6. Took Generic Walmart cold and flu multi-symptom relief as needed (daytime & nightime)
  7. I took a short walk 1-2 times per day and sat outside in the hot/humid air which helped me feel like I could breathe better and honestly made me feel better.

***I also had lots of popsicles in the beginning when my throat was very sore. However I did run across an issue with having too much ice water and popsicles. When I was very congested and feeling the worst, the cold triggered bronchial spasms  (think asthma attack) causing me to feel like I was struggling to breathe. It was scary! I realized that cold was the worst thing at that point! I started drinking hot tea, prayed, and used Vick’s vaporub on my chest and on my feet (used to do this with my babies when they got sick with congestion.) That and God began to help me breathe better. So from that point I would only drink hot liquids!***

I’m definitely not a doctor, but just wanted to share the above in case any of those tips could be helpful to anyone with Covid. Also, I’m praying for you if you have Covid. 🙏🙏

Your friend,


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