For The Tired Mama…

I ran across the following today when I was taking a break from painting my kitchen cabinets. It does a pretty good job describing what so many awesome Mamas do day in and day out. It was refreshing to read and know that someone else out there understands and accurately put into words what we Mamas often feel. I know without a doubt Jesus is right there with me helping me through each and every moment! Also, I am reminded that it is okay and even good to rest…both physically and spiritually…And yes Moms, you are without a doubt superheros!!!!!


“Hey mom why are you so tired?” ⠀

Because. Because you are most likely the keeper of every emotion of all of your children and most likely your entire family, because you are most likely the sole organizer of your entire family’s doctors, dentist, ortho, dermatologist, tutors, haircuts, birthday parties, parent-teacher interviews and on and on and on. ⠀

You are most likely the keeper and maker of all the special moments, vacations and family times that they will store in their memory bank forever. Because you most likely take care of a house while simultaneously stress about bringing an income in to relieve the financial load in the house. ⠀

You most likely know what each and every one of your children is feeling and what they need without them having to utter a word but you can tell by their facial expression or response exactly what they need… are most likely the one that somehow manages to cram a full day of work into hours so you can cook dinner, help with homework, be their cheerleader, therapist, boo boo kisser and emotional trampoline. You are their emotional barometer for “ok”, even if you’re not you show up as if you are. ⠀

Hey mom why are you so tired”, because you are the thread that holds it all together while barely holding yourself together but making it look like you have to all together for everyone else around you, because you don’t have the space or the time to not be together. ⠀

You are so tired because you wouldn’t change it for the world, ever. Every night, every mother knows this. ….The insane gratitude of checking on them as you crawl to your own bed after a more than insane day, wondering if they know how much you love them and if you did it ok. You will lie there and wonder how you can do better ….

But just so you know you are a dang freaking superhero, even if you’re more than slightly tired ❤️

Your friend,


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