Landon’s Trip to the Dentist

So Landon had a dentist appointment today to get his teeth cleaned. When we got there, Landon pulled off his shoes and socks. If you know Landon, you know that he despises shoes, socks, and basically clothes in general. We were waiting in the van, so it wasn’t a huge deal that he took them off until I had to find both socks and both shoes. How can a child lose both socks and shoes in a van with all windows and doors closed you might ask? Let’s just say Landon is the master of losing things/hiding things. He drops jewelry in boots, throws random kitchen utensils under his bed and throws clothes into the garbage can. Today he stuffed just one sock in the very corner of a pocket of a seat in the van. I’m frantically looking for it because you can’t very well take a child outside in the 30 degree weather without both socks and both shoes. I search in every nook and cranny until I finally found the missing sock. I’m not sure what the dental hygienist thought as she waited for me to put Landon’s shoes and socks on. Maybe she thought I’m just a scatterbrained mom. Maybe she thought Landon needs more discipline. Who knows. I do know that I no longer get embarrassed by the things Landon does or the way he acts. But I do get tired. And today was exhausting.

So we get checked into the dentist, had our temperature taken, hand sanitizer applied and walk to the big back room where there are several dentist chairs. Our hygienist is so sweet. She had seen Landon last time and she kindly asked us if Landon would prefer the spin brush or a regular toothbrush. I told her we use a spin brush at home, but told her he hates to see us coming with a toothbrush period, although we have brushed his teeth everyday for most of his life. (He is seven). 

So she gets out the spin brush and Landon grabs her hand and begins jerking and screaming and rips the disposable plastic off the chair in an effort to avoid the toothbrush. I’m doing my best to hold him down. Of course the scene causes the dentist to walk over and kindly suggest we move to a private room. So we pack up and move to another room. Take two. 

Landon knows what is going on now but of course you can’t reason with him. All he knows is one of the activities he hates the most is about to happen again. We believe Landon’s sensory issues get thrown in overdrive at times and toothbrushing is one of the causes. But he has to have his teeth brushed. Every. Single. Day. And here we are at the dentist hoping that the daily brushing is keeping his teeth and gums healthy.

So Landon starts resisting again and it takes myself and the hygienist to hold Landon down while the dentist cleans his teeth with a regular toothbrush. Through the screaming tantrum, the dentist is able to get Landon’s teeth cleaned without having a finger bitten off. 

Afterwards, she tells us he has another cavity, his gums have some gingivitis. We have to come back in a couple of weeks to treat the cavity and his older cavities with a type of stabilizing material so that the baby teeth can “last” until he gets his permanent teeth in. But she says if he gets cavities in his permanent teeth, we are looking at a visit to the operating room to fill the cavities.

Our daily attempts at brushing Landon’s teeth have not had the positive outcome we hoped for. As I sat there, exhausted from holding him down, I felt discouraged.  The efforts we had taken in keeping Landon’s teeth healthy had been futile up to this point. I didn’t know what to do and still don’t. But a verse came to my mind when I felt so frustrated. 

Galatians 6:9

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

I don’t have all the answers. But I know Who does. And yes I do get tired, but I can’t faint and lose heart. The verse doesn’t say we might reap a harvest/benefit if we continue to do good it says we WILL. I have to hang on to that promise with Landon. I have to pray daily not to lose heart. I have to believe for good things to happen even when I can’t see it yet. I have to be faithful in doing good. 

Maybe this verse is for someone else today, too. If I can keep on keeping on, I know you can too. Don’t lose heart. Keep doing good. One day you will reap a blessing for it.

Your friend,


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