A Mother’s Love

I am so thankful for my mother.  We have always had a close friendship. She is the type of person who listens more than she speaks. In a world where people usually talk more than they listen, I think this is a wonderful quality to have.  Have you ever had the feeling, when talking to someone, that they were only hearing the words, not really paying attention to what you were saying? I think this has rarely ever happened when I talk to my mom. I know she cares about what I am saying.

Mama is also really good at finding the best answer/solution to a problem. In fact, for probably all of my childhood, I thought every answer she gave me was always the best answer! I thought she was perfect. Of course no one is perfect, but she was pretty close in my eyes and still is.

Mama is also a wonderful helper. Whatever I need help with- even now-she is always willing to do. Babysitting, housework, meals, you name it.

The best quality Mama possesses by far is her ability to love. When I got married, she cross-stitched 1st Corinthians 13 (the love chapter) for me as a wedding gift. It is special to me because she made it herself. Mama is all the things in that chapter. She is patient and kind. She doesn’t think of herself first. She is faithful. Her example taught me how to be a good mother.

I definitely realize not everyone is close to their mother. Maybe some mothers are the opposite of 1st Corinthians 13. Whatever the case, who we are is due in part to who she was. Who you are is partly because of her. We always carry part of our mother with us, whether she is alive or not. Often, we don’t understand how much she sacrificed for us until we are a parent ourselves. I think we all take our mothers for  granted sometimes. She’s taken care of us from the moment we’re born until we are adults. She fed us, clothed us, cleaned up after us. She taught us, read to us, and played with us. She took us to church. She loved us. 

I’ve always been close to my mom. I feel very blessed to have had that. One song that always reminds me of her and her love was released a year after I graduated high school. I remember hearing it when I was about to leave for college.  It’s called 26 Cents. The chorus says “here’s a penny for your thoughts, a quarter for the call, and all of your Mama’s love” (For those that are too young to remember, there used to be pay phones that you put a quarter in to call someone.😊) This song really does describe my Mama.


A mother’s love can seem so constant. We assume she’ll always be there. But the reality is that she won’t. One day she will not be there to talk to or spend time with.

So even if you aren’t close to your mother, think for a moment about at least one positive thing about your mom. And if she is still alive, call her and thank her for whatever it was you thought of.

Your friend,


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