Featured Actor- David Britt

I don’t typically feature actors in my blog, but this was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. Meet David Britt. My son Landon and I initially met David as Landon’s school bus driver.  For the last several years, David has kindly and effortlessly interacted with my extremely hyperactive, autistic, no awareness of personal space, son on the special needs bus. Landon adores Mr. David and Mr. David has always cheerfully greeted my adorable, albeit very behaviorally challenged, son. Every. Single. Day. Of. The. Week. With. A. Smile.

My son is just one of many students David interacts with. Landon thrives on routine due to his severe autism and David’s presence has been a comforting part of the school routine for him. If you ask Landon what makes him happy, he may say school bus. That means the whole experience -the amazing bus aide(s), and the ride- but it mostly means Mr. David. 😂

David’s calm and laid back nature is sprinkled with a happy, fun side. With his verbal quick wit, intellect, and humor he relates to others with ease. He is super smart, but never comes across like a know-it-all. David is as down-to-earth as they come and continually exudes a kind-spirited warmth to all.

As time passed, I learned that David was a theater major and has played some pretty cool characters, his primary role being that of Jack Sparrow. (Jack Sparrow was played by Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.) He fills that role effortlessly, naturally adapting to Jack Sparrow’s personality and appearance. Add David’s expressive sea green eyes to the mix and voila, the pirate role is complete!

Recently, David has taken on another endeavor, all while being fully dedicated to driving the special needs bus and driving for a limo business. He is part of two new shows by P.A. Entertainment featured on YouTube. 

The pilot episode of The Roko and Coko show was recently released on YouTube and David is the voice of Roko, a bird puppet from the Bronx.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine and Roko and Coko will definitely put a smile on your face!

Please click on, watch, share, and enjoy the first episode of The Roko and Coko Show. The link is posted above. Blessings.

Your friend,