Today’s Ramblings 😊

  1. I’ve gotten some good feedback recently about the mental health posts I’ve shared. I would absolutely love to write more on this topic, especially if it is relatable and encouraging.  I’m reading, researching, and praying for guidance and wisdom on writing more about Christianity and mental health. There are some great resources already available on this topic which I’m reading through. I truly feel this topic needs to be addressed more and the stigma of mental illness lessened and eliminated.
  2. On another note, I recently finished reading a book called Wrestling Hurricanes (Tiffany Haines). I definitely recommend it. It was about the author’s search for over a decade to find answers for her three children’s mysterious and severe health problems…which turned out to be PANS (Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome). Through nearly two decades of struggles, Tiffany explains how she learned the depth of the concept of the Glory of God in her life.  It was a super good book!
  3. Finally, I’m thinking about the possibility of creating a devotional book with some of my blog posts. I came up with five categories/chapters/sections for the blogs and a possible title for the book. Book or no book, it makes me happy to encourage others. We will see what happens…


Your friend,


4 thoughts on “Today’s Ramblings 😊

  1. I encourage you to write a devotional! No two are ever alike, and each will find those who need to hear what you’re led to write. My wife is putting the final touches on her first book, and she loves to share. If that’s of interest, connect with her at

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    1. Thank you, Grant, for the input, encouragement, and the “likes” and support for my blog. 😊 Congratulations to your wife on her first book! 🎉 I like what you said above “each will find those who need to hear what you’re led to write.” I will definitely visit your wife’s site! Thanks again! I also know where to go if I need help writing a novel. 😊

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