Christmas Eve Adventure 😊

So I’m currently in a bit of a predicament. My son with autism was having a meltdown and I decided to take him for a ride in the van, which is one of his favorite things to do. When I cranked the van, I noticed it was getting a little low on gas so I decided to go fill up. I arrived at the gas station and wait in a long line to get gas, and finally pull up to the pump. Unfortunately, they the pump was on the passenger side of the van and the side to fill up the gas tank is on the driver’s side. (I knew this when I pulled up, however I still had to back in several times so the pump would reach. 🤦‍♀️😂) Finally, I was able to position the van to reach the pump. So I filled up the tank, put the nozzle back and got back in the van. I put the keys in the ignition to crank the van and all I hear is “tick tick tick tick.” 🤦‍♀️ I tried to crank it again with the same results.

It’s dead. At the pump. With a long line of people waiting to fill their vehicles. I’m stuck….with my autistic son who is now ready to ”go bye-bye” and is starting to get worked up. So, I call my husband and explain what has happened and begin to tell the people in the next few cars behind me that my van has died at the gas pump on Christmas Eve.

As I’m sitting waiting for my husband to get there, Landon starts getting really antsy to leave and this turns into a full blown temper tantrum, autism rage activated scenario.🙃

If Landon teaches me anything, it is thankfulness and to appreciate the good in any circumstance. So I begin to think of the inconvenience, stress, and other emotions many people may be experiencing on Christmas Eve.

It can be a tough season to get through for so many. I would imagine it was pretty tough day for Mary, Jesus’ mother. I find it comforting to know that others who came before us faced inconveniences, struggles, and frustrations, too. I love how Jesus never minimizes what we are going through. He compassionately and completely understands especially in the light of our humanity. Of course he doesn’t want us going around lashing out at others or justifying our bad behaviors because of a difficult circumstance, but he recognizes our efforts to please Him even if we fall short. He sees our heart.

As I was pondering all these things, my husband arrives at the gas station, figured out the battery was dead, and jump started the van for me. We drove away to a nearby parking lot and he gave me his car keys and helped me load our very distraught autistic son into the car.

As my husband got back into the van to drive to get a new battery, I felt extremely blessed. Even though my head was pounding from sitting in the van with a screaming child for about twenty minutes, I knew God was still in control. Despite the unpredictable inconvenience, Landon and I were safe, taken care of, and loved on Christmas Eve. I’m glad in those stressful moments I chose to focus on Jesus and not myself. After all, it is the time to celebrate (our Savior’s birthday), not to complain about something trivial going wrong. I held onto those thoughts long into the evening as “Santa” came to our home and my headache ballooned into a migraine. Yes. I chose thankfulness despite the option to complain.

I can’t say I always do this….sometimes my imperfection shows.

I’m so thankful God showers us with extra grace and love in the inconveniences life presents. Sometimes I think it is simply to remind us that He is there, always. He came to Earth as a tiny baby just so He could live among us and eventually die for us. That is love at its truest. That True Love watches over us in every circumstance. Even when our car dies at the gas pump on Christmas Eve.

Blessings to you and your family during this Christmas Season.

Your friend,


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Adventure 😊

  1. Thankful for those times when we can reflect on the negatives yet see that we pointed our focus on Him nevertheless just as you’ve shown through this “inconvenient” experience.
    Thank you for sharing a great example.❤️

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